"Back Up, Back Up!" Proud Boys Rallyers Harass "Antifa Press"

“Harassing journalists is seen as a patriotic duty," independent journalist Tina-Desiree Berg tells Status Coup after being verbally harassed at Proud Boys rally in Los Angeles

The Proud Boys pride apparently softens when independent journalists simply record their actives at…Proud Boy rallies.

That’s what happened on Saturday as independent journalist Tina-Desiree Berg, a frequent freelance contributor for Status Coup, covered the Proud Boys “Fall Love Fest” rally in Los Angeles for Status Coup.

The rally, the third-leg of gatherings the group held after Portland Oregon and Tacoma Washington—both of which had shootings occur—had been promoted ahead of the event Saturday before organizers abruptly posted a CANCELED sign over the poster due to the city refusing to grant the group a permit to hold the rally.

But Proud Boys held the rally anyway, resulting in independent journalist Tina-Desiree Berg, a frequent freelance contributor for Status Coup whose covered Proud Boys, MAGA, and “medical freedom” rallies in Los Angeles for over a year, showing up with her camera to cover the event.

Well, rallygoers sure didn’t like Desiree Berg’s presence—or previous coverage of their often violent actions.

[Watch Tina’s on-the-ground reporting for Status Coup from the rally below]

“Antifa press,” Tony Moon, a rallygoer who was also present on January 6th at the Capitol Hill insurrection, said as he approached Desiree Berg.

“So what brings you by, you going to dox people today?” Moon continued, going on to accuse Desiree Berg of being an “Antifa sympathizer.”

[For the record, Desiree Berg never doxxed Proud Boys members or rallygoers nor does she work for, or with, Antifa.]

Moon also condemned Desiree Berg for “talking shit about us” to the Los Angeles Times.

This “talking shit” was in reference to an LA Times story reporting on an August incident where Moon attacked Desiree Berg at an LA “medical freedom” rally—i.e. anti-vaxx rally—Desiree Berg covered.

During the incident, Moon grabbed Desiree-Berg and attempted to pull her protective mask down. In a separate incident, a person was stabbed at the rally.

“Back up, back up!” Desiree Berg shouted at Moon at the Saturday “Love Fest” rally as he continued verbally harassing her and invading her personal space.

None of Moon’s actions surprised Desiree Berg.

“In their insular universe these folks view themselves as purveyors of good against evil,” Desiree Berg told Status Coup in response to the verbal harassment she experienced on Saturday from Moon along with other rallygoers.

She continued:

“They are very motivated by wild conspiracy theories and have been radicalized in Telegram chat rooms and on other social media echo chambers. Anyone that criticizes their beliefs is automatically viewed as an enemy and liar. They are also happy to be in the limelight as they find the attention edifying. Harassing journalists is seen as a patriotic duty. It is frustrating because it is impossible to report on what’s happening when their childish antics  become the main thrust of what’s happening. then they  get angry because they think you made them look bad-  when in reality they did that all on their own.”

Desiree Berg isn’t the only journalist Proud Boys has distorted into Antifa members and sympathizers; scores of independent journalists who, at personal risk to their own safety, have covered Proud Boys often violent events have been chastised—and threatened—by the group’s members and allies if their coverage wasn’t sufficiently favorable or loyal to the Proud Boys worldview.

The truth is, actual journalists who report in dangerous situations—where people’s animosity often points directly at them—are also human beings. The hostile treatment, and physical confrontation toward them, by groups like the Proud Boys certainly causes journalists to have to re-examine and weigh the pros and cons of continuing to cover groups like the Proud Boys.

Nonetheless, Desiree Berg isn’t going anywhere.

“I will definitely continue to cover these events and what surrounds them,” she told Status Coup. “I don’t think what they represent is disappearing any time soon- and I think the potential for an increase in violence and hateful ideas exists. I think it needs to have a light focused on it. There are very real consequences for not checking them.”

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Big Oil Insanity: D.C. Yawns After Two Major Spills in California and Texas in Five Days

Status Coup has been ON-THE-GROUND for years covering the fossil f**kers destruction of communities and the broader planet; can they be stopped?

On October 1st, 144,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the closure of beaches, contamination of ecological habitats and placing the lives of animals and humans who live in the area at risk.

The source of the spill, which came from the busting of a 17-mile long pipeline buried 98 feet under water, is currently being investigated; authorities believe a 13-inch tear of the pipeline shifted it 105 feet out of place.

Five days later, a major spill happened 1,400 miles east of California at a Marathon Petroleum refinery in Texas; media estimates thousands of gallons were released in Texas City, Texas.

WATCH the video below showing footage of both spills along with Status Coup’s ON-THE-GROUND reporting over several years on the fossil f**kers destruction of our planet and threats and intimidation toward regular everyday people.

Unsurprisingly, the corporate media and Democratic Party with majority control of Congress collectively yawned in response to this ecological terrorism which, fundamentally, should be what corporations destroying the planet is referred to.

I’ve seen this time and time again reporting on-the-ground across America: fossil fuel companies who’ve bought off Democrats and Republicans nationally along with local politicians having free rein to spill, explode, and destroy indigenous, Black, and brown people’s—and now more and more working class white communities— water, air, animal life, and sacred burial grounds.

And for what?

Red Terry, a scrappy, fiery red-headed Virginian said it best in 2018 when Status Coup spoke with her during our on-the-ground coverage of the fight against Mountain Valley Pipeline; a fracked gas pipeline being rammed through their home in Bent Mountain Virginia and underneath the broader Appalachian Trail. That trail is one of most beautiful paths in America gifted with scenic hiking and natural habitats.

So, of course, why wouldn’t the greedy fossil fuel executives want to destroy it and threaten the lives of the people who live there if and when the pipeline explodes?

“Polluting the water, since when is profit more important than water…when is profit more important than people? I don’t understand that,” Red said to me on her porch.

Unfortunately, you’ll never see Red, or her daughter Minor—who bravely built tree houses on their property, climbed up them, and protested atop their community forrest for over a month to stop the greedy fossil fuel company from tearing down their trees in their quest to ram the pipeline through their property— on cable news or quoted in the New York Times.

Their story of bearing through freezing temperatures, snow, rain and going to the bathroom in buckets in order to stop the planet-destroying greed dropped on their doorstep won’t lead cable news segments like the latest in Manchin mania (according to The Washington Post, Mountain Valley Pipeline estimated the Terry’s cost the pipeline around $45,000 due to enhanced security costs around the pipeline and delays to construction).

You won’t get to see Red’s pain when relaying the horror’s her and her family have gone though.

"They came through a few days ago and cut all around me," Red Terry told EcoWatch. "My daughter is also in a tree and had them on all four sides of her. She cried all day. Nobody should have the right to eminent domain for something that is not going to help people. It's to help themselves, profit before the people."

Heartbreak turns to rage the more Terry shared.

"When they were cutting my trees and I had tears running down my face, the cops were watching the devastation also, I looked at one of them and I thought he was going to start crying. At the same time, four Mountain Valley Pipeline security guards were laughing, carrying on, and thought it was the greatest thing in the world."

This kind of fossil fuel treachery, exploitation, and destruction is happening all over America with the complete support of politicians and police—the latter who has brutalized indigenous water protectors and their white allies at Standing Rock and, more recently, in Minnesota as water protectors battled throughout a pandemic to stop Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline from threatening their reservation, water, animal life, and ancestors’ burial grounds.

We will continue to see more spills, more explosions, and more misery as older and hastily constructed pipelines’ deterioration wreaks havoc through communities.

Of course, Americans are exhausted fighting corruption and injustice across multiple lines; from COVID to ever-growing income inequality to corporate exploitation and union-busting and a whole host of other treachery.

Collectively, if people don’t begin to add their wallets to their bodies protesting, what you see will continue to be what we get. The only way politicians will act is when their donors’ profits and interests are directly threatened.

And the way to do that is economically boycotting along with traditional protesting of banks, corporations, communities, and corporate media who do business with the fossil fuel companies destroying our planet.

The planet’s clock is ticking.

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TRANSCRIPT: Ro Khanna & Jordan Chariton Interview: Will Progressives Hold Firm on $3.5 Trillion Deal, Why the Silence on Assange?

Read the interview in full...

NOTE: This interview was conducted on Saturday, Sept. 25, before Speaker Pelosi rescheduled the vote and before the news dropped about the CIA’s plots to kidnap and/or kill Julian Assange.

Jordan: Hey, I'm delighted to be joined by Congressman Ro Khanna, representing California. Thanks for doing this kind of last minute.

It's Saturday morning, so obviously a lot can change over the next 48 hours with Monday, as I guess, the agreement between Speaker Pelosi and moderate Democrats, I call them Republicans within the Democratic Party.

But before we get to obviously, you and I have some disagreements on the strategy here. I thought it was kind of nice that CNN finally told people what's in this deal yesterday, you haven't really heard anything about what's in the deal other than the horse race going back and forth.

Can you kind of explain to Progressives who, you know, might be a little dejected after the Bernie movement and whatnot why this deal is not incremental progress, but bold, significant game-changing policies?

Rep. Khanna: Jordan, first of all, good to be on the show. I appreciate all the work you've done on Flint, Michigan. It is particular of interest to me because we've had a lead issue at an airport in San Jose where kids have had lead in their blood given lead fuel. And we're trying to close that airport.

So I really appreciate your work on that, and appreciated the back and forth on Twitter. Usually when people criticize me, which I don't take it personally. I view that as First Amendment debate and great to be on.

Yeah. I mean, look, this is going to be a massive bill that will help working-class families and people who are struggling in this country. It has childcare and no one is going to pay more than 7% of their income for child care if this passes. It has universal preschool, it has expansion so you can finally get dental care, dentures, hearing AIDS, vision, your eye glass is covered.


It's going to make community College free. It's going to give you paid family leave. If you have to look after a sick parent or a kid, you can get time off without having to lose your job or lose your salary.

These are policies Progressives have been championing for decades.

And finally, we have it. And then it has some of the boldest climate provisions ever. I mean, a clean energy standard that by 2035 would get us to 100% clean electricity and massive investments in renewable energy.

So, Progressives have always said that this has to be one package. One of the reasons is we weren't part of the bipartisan infrastructure. We wouldn't have signed off on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, just investing in highways and roads without an environmental component.

I mean, you can't do that and not have the electricity, electric vehicles. You can't do that and kick out electric buses, which is what they did. They took out DeFazio who's not a progressive. I mean, he's a chair of the Transportation Committee. I'd call him a mainstream Democratic Liberal, and they took out his proposal.

So you can't do just the old infrastructure without a focus on climate. So we were clear saying, okay, if you don't want to include that in the process, we're not going to sync it. But you have to have the whole bill. You have to have the climate provisions for us to vote for it.

And that's why there are 40, 40 to 50 of us are prepared on Monday to vote no if the speaker brings it.

Jordan: So let's get to Monday. I find that positive, because, frankly, I mean, you hear the noise. There's a whole lot of people in the progressive movement who have wanted you to leverage your votes. So I think that's a good first step.

The question I have is I've been seeing Congressman Jayapal, chair the Progressive Change Caucus, Progressive Congressional Caucus, Bernie, some others with kind of the same talking points, at least in TV interviews, that we're not going below 3.5 trillion, whether that's their actual position or not, they've been signaling that. You were on CNN yesterday basically saying we don't have a red line, meaning we'll go below that.

I don't personally, with all due respect, I think that's pretty bad negotiation tactics. I think why not go with a hard line? Vote no, actually, turn the pressure on the Manchins, the Sinemas, the Gottheimers in the House.

And also, I personally don't understand why the first talking point isn't pointing out that Joe Manchin himself in January said the most important thing is new infrastructure spend two, three, $4 trillion over a ten year period on infrastructure. So it seems to me, at least on CNN yesterday, you were basically already signaling that we will go further and further towards the corporatists.

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When I mean, all you need to say is we're just doing what Joe Manchin called for in January. I and, you know, maybe some Progressives don't agree with this– I'm not naive. You probably will have to go below 3.5 trillion. But I think by signaling it now that you're willing to, don't you think that ends up getting an even more watered-down deal?

Rep. Khanna: Well, first of all, I agree with you on the $4 trillion talking point. You don't get all your talking points in. And that was probably one I should make and will make and agree with you. We should start out with the fact that this is the president's bill.

This is a short excerpt from the full 35-minute interview between Rep. Ro Khanna and Jordan Chariton. To read the full transcript from the interview, become a paid Status Coup Substack subscriber for just $5 bucks a month!

WATCH the full interview here

MAGA Army Shuns #JusticeForJ6 Rally as FBI "False Flag"

Surprisingly, many Trump supporters and QAnon disciples are skipping the September 18th D.C. rally supporting 1/6 "political prisoners"—here's what they're doing instead

In the days leading up to a September 18th D.C. rally demanding justice for #J6 insurrectionists, a stubborn glitch developed in the alt-reality Trump partisans have created for themselves: MAGA enthusiasts can’t seem to agree on whether or not it’s a planned false flag by the FBI.

The issue apparently stems from a belief by Trump supporters and QAnon adherents that other Trump supporters did not, in fact, commit horrible acts of violence like the one Status Coup exposed as they stormed the Capitol on January 6th. As a result, in their mind, January 6th was a false flag and set up.

The group planning the 9/18 D.C. event, Look Ahead America, is led by Matt Braynard, who briefly worked for Trump’s 2016 campaign before finding mild success pushing the entirely false narrative that the 2020 election was stolen. Braynard, unlike the majority of Americans who live on planet Earth, believes a great injustice was done in holding these domestic terrorists accountable in any form.

He’s not alone in this feeling:

Braynard and Look Ahead America seem frustrated that several high-up figures in the Trump world, including the Donald himself, are advising supporters not to attend his #JusticeForJ6 rally.

What a snag.

In a September 16th interview with The Federalist, former President Trump said:

“People are so disgusted with the way people are being treated from the January 6 situation. It’s a combination of that compared to how Antifa and BLM were treated. When you compare the treatment, it is so unjust, it is so unfair. It’s disgraceful.” He went on to say, “on Saturday [at the Justice for J6 rally on September 18th], that’s a setup. If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

This sentiment has been echoed by others in Trump's world; or, in the case of crank conspiracy lawyer Lin Wood, those who desperately wish they were. Here’s what Wood posted in his Telegram group:

Ron Watkins (CodeMonkeyZ), thought by some to be the actual leader of the QAnon conspiracy, echoed the sentiment to shun the “FBI” D.C. rally:

Popular QAnon conspiracy theorist Jordan Sather had this to say in a video last week: "The idea is to hold a rally in Washington D.C. to call for the truth behind January 6th to be told and the release of the political prisoners who are still in jail over January 6th, right?...Might be very benevolent reasons behind this, but that is a very bad idea...because the FBI is just looking at that licking their chops like...'you dumbass motherfuckers, we're going to get this false flag going!'...Like clockwork today, Andrew McCabe goes on CNN...gets told by his handlers that law enforcement needs to take the upcoming rightwing [Justice for J6] rally in DC very seriously...”

Sather goes on to say: “We also have the Washington Post, which you can think of as the CIA's media [saying]...'It's a real possibility that our next 9/11 could arrive from within...' So you can just see...it's the manufactured consensus...They're just warning people like something bad's gonna happen, and then, yeah, sure, something bad happens but it's going to be a freaking false flag and they're going to blame it on a Trump supporter, a Q supporter, an election fraud truther, something like that, right?...It's so obvious...making my job easy, though. Great content." 

So, while no one knows what will happen at the D.C. rally (DHS expects about 700 people and has reinstalled protective fencing), the faction that believes this to be an FBI op seems to be planning to hit the streets in their local areas instead.

There are planned rallies in most states against so-called “covid tyranny”—aka lifesaving measures—in addition to local #JusticeForJ6 rallies. Many people in online MAGA and QAnon groups have indicated that they plan to attend those or rallies at their state capitols instead of making the trek to D.C. like they might have done if not for the pesky FBI.

Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, known for pushing unscientific and highly dangerous COVID conspiracy theories like the use of anti-parasite drug ivermectin, is serving as the keynote speaker at a rally in San Francisco instead of attending the D.C. rally.

Despite the warnings, other MAGAS and Q’s still plan to brave our nation’s capital:

One thing is for sure–this guy won’t be there, thankfully:

This is a highly dangerous time, partially due to misinformation and disinformation. What happened on January 6 weighs on Americans–true Patriots–and anxiety about this rally is understandably high.

After all, no matter which side of the rally-FBI-false-flag-debate these Trump supporters fall on, we’ve all already lost.

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A guest post by
Status Coup co-founder. Investigative and in-field journalist. Determined to leave the earth better than I found it.

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