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“Most people in this country are not lacking compassion—most people just have no fu**ing idea what the hell is going on all around them.” - Jordan Chariton

Status Coup Covers what the Corporate Media COVERS UP

Status Coup is fearless in-field and investigative journalism that focuses on the stories—and voices—that the corporate media won’t touch: injustices and exploitation toward working people; environmental injustice and calamities; toxic water across America;  government corruption from the White House all the way down to city council; economic terrorism (i.e. gentrification); systemic racism and police brutality, progressive movements and politics; and the human interest stories that don’t neatly fit into a mass media category but are vitally important for the public to know. 

Status Coup, led by Jordan Chariton, isn’t just a media network—it’s the spark of an independent media MOVEMENT. 

Status Coup is an Independent Media Revolution

Subscribers will see us all across America descending into communities corporate media won’t touch while also going back to communities long after the corporate media cameras have gone home (Jordan has reported in Flint Michigan nearly 25 times since 2016). Status Coup’s journalism is brought to you by independent journalists and commentators who breathe a form of guerilla journalism that goes in the trenches without the handcuff of answering to out-of-touch, coastal elite news editors from major corporate news outlets. YOU are our boss and a large number of the stories we cover come to us straight from our viewers. 

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Status Coup Delivers Real Reporting Featuring Authentic Working-Class Voices.

We created this substack to deliver raw, authentic news on stories major print and digital outlets see no profit in covering—but, in reality, there is a HUGE hunger and demand for among the growing market of news consumers begging for real reporting that features real, working-class voices.

Our news and commentary let you draw your own conclusions rather than force-feeding faux scandal and controversy 24/7. You won’t just be fed what mainstream media wants you to know—you’ll get first-hand accounts, and in-depth information, on the critical issues facing the working class and vulnerable right here in, as Jordan puts it, the United Corporations of America.

Paying subscribers will get original reporting, commentary, and dropping-the-curtain-type posts revealing the truth about corporate media. In particular, Jordan—who has reported and produced at Fox News, MSNBC, and TYT before being liberated to be truly independent—will offer cutting insight and commentary into how modern-day manufacturing consent is happening in real-time (and how we can fight back!). Mixed in will be contributions from local, up-and-coming journalists in communities across on compelling stories you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Paying subscribers get: 

  • Access to the full newsletter and archives featuring original reporting and featured writers.

  • Reporting and commentary from Jordan Chariton

  • Exclusive contributions from powerful journalists like Tina-Desiree Berg, Sam Oser, and other names you know and those yet-to-be-discovered.

  • Comment on articles and chat threads and join in on the Substack CoupMunity!

  • Access to Status Coup live AMAs with Jordan, featuring popular guests you have burning questions about.

  • Subscriber-only content including the weekly must-reads newsletter and the Status Coup wrap-up of video commentary by Jordan on the stories that captivated us this week. 

(*NOTE: We are just getting started! Some of this will be soon-to-come and not immediately available!)

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Help us build a truly independent and unbought media.

We are funded by the very people we cover—YOU. The truth is actual IN-THE-FIELD reporting deep in communities across the country is not cheap, hence why most corporate outlets stay inside comfy studios and toss out hot garbage masquerading as journalism. But TRUE journalism can change lives and lift voices currently being buried. Help us build a truly independent and unbought media. When you become a supporting subscriber, you are helping fund this media movement and hire more reporters, producers, and other key help. You are helping to hold the powerful to account. You are helping to expose the corruption and injustice that has led a country to become a multi-trillion dollar corporate conglomerate masquerading as democracy.

Who is Status Coup

Want to pitch a story?

  • Status Coup is always on the lookout for pieces from up-and-coming reporters writing about labor issues, the media landscape, and the corruption rife throughout. Pitch your story to http://StatusCoup.com/contact

Tips, leads, and whistleblowers

Fund Justice Journalism With Just a Few Bucks Each Month.

Status Coup bridges the gap between the alternative reality the corporate media has created and actual reality in America rampant with systemic corruption and injustice. Our reporting comes from going into actual communities to get the stories from living, breathing, working people—an endangered species for outlets like CNN and the New York Times to feature.  

When you support Status Coup at any level you are funding justice journalism to reach more eyes, ears, and hearts all over the world. We know that government actors and corporate entities purchase advertising time for favorable coverage on the network stations. This format allows us to let regular people chip in a small amount every month to fund coverage of important and meaningful stories about the communities and people the corporate media is COVERING UP.

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Keep Our Cameras Present and Rolling As History Unfolds 

From the Flint Water Crisis to oil pipelines in Virginia, to police brutality and racism in Chicago, to Amazon and homelessness in Seattle, and beyond; Status Coup is there with you, the people, on the frontlines of our nation’s most pressing crises. When you join the Status Coupmunity you are amplifying the voice of the people. Our stories have been picked up by every major news outlet in the world and our footage of the January 6th Capitol Insurrection was used on the floor of Congress as evidence in Trump’s 2nd Impeachment trial and by the FBI to help locate individuals who participated in the insurrection. You can be proud of what you are contributing to when you support Status Coup. You are funding the independent media revolution. You are making it more likely that a camera will be rolling at the next rally, or primary, or infrastructure disaster, or pipeline protest. Help us capture history in the making and deliver it to the people. 

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Become a subscriber

  • Status Coup SubStack publishes our Breaking News free of charge as it happens for everyone. We aren’t going to be gatekeepers to news that affects lives. 

  • We publish our commentary, analysis, news wrap-up, and Jordan rants weekly. 

  • You need a paid subscription to receive every update. Free subscribers receive our headline articles as they are published. 

  • Status Coup is simply not possible without your support. 

  • Your subscription dollars fund justice journalism. Help us keep up the fight against corporate news hegemony.

** Some of these perks are yet-to-come as we get launched! We have great plans!


What do FREE subscribers get?

  • Breaking news headlines as they are released. 

What do PAID subscribers get?

  • Breaking news headlines as they are released.

  • Commentary articles and videos. (2 - 4x week)

  • Articles from featured writers.

  • The weekly wrap-up of stories we loved this week with brief commentary.

  • The weekly rant by Jordan. 

** NOTE: Some of these perks are yet-to-come as we get launched! We have great plans!

How do I give a gift subscription?

I’m having a problem and I need help. 

Please write http://StatusCoup.com/contact

How do I contact you?

Please write http://StatusCoup.com/contact

Where do my subscription dollars go? 

Toward REAL, fearless in-field and investigative reporting! Costs as traveling reporters add up and we don’t just sit and pontificate in a studio. You’re funding us as independent reporters as well as travel costs, equipment costs, business costs (like marketing our small start-up so people actually SEE our work despite suppression from outlets like YouTube), and so on. We are entirely transparent and happy to answer any questions.

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In-field and investigative journalism covering what the corporate media COVERS UP!


ON-THE-GROUND and investigative reporting on the stories the mainstream media covers up: political corruption, economic corruption and inequality, environmental contamination, worker exploitation and abuse, and more.
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