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I receive Lisa McClains Newsletter.

She is my Senator here in Michigan.

How can this note read and reread, continuously edited, I work to correct my thoughts, attempting to read this as clear ideas, questioning our paradigm.

What am I accomplishing? Please help me understand.

After reading your newsletter,

I question, political culture dismissing moral peer reviewed regulations meant to protect human beings and the planet. When I read your plan to eliminate federal overreach, promising industry freedom to game the system, I question who takes responsibility for the consequences?

If your work is to sustain middle class paradigms, what happens when maturing Ponzi Schemes of manufacture and distribution prove unsustainable?

Stockholders blind to consequence mandate ever higher quarterly returns. The Investment class donors funding you to represent their vision of society’s need to deregulate simply serve themselves. Their framing of GOP/Neoliberal policies have constituents looking the other way, while you help eliminate public safety, environmental protections and labor liability.

You help free companies from liabilities punishing labor, poisoning communities, bleed peasantry until there is nothing left to exploit.

You are working to end regulations protecting human beings and the planet?

How long will fictional rhetoric go unnoticed? There must be a way to reveal your manipulations to gain constituent support, while make good your promise to donors?

Is your endgame to help privatize all human need, further dividing the haves and haves not with divisive institutional bureaucracy. These ideas sound like Jim Crow of 1865? Will you break unions, eliminate industrial liabilities?

How about freeing industry liability for toxic waste cleanup passing the cost to tax paid federal funds?

Is crippling public schools on your agenda, already quietly privatized by testing cabals funnelling public funds to private profit schemes? Or, editing history to guarantee ignorance of U.S. empire’s centuries of global and domestic violence.

Maybe further privatize healthcare, dismiss labor’s need for work environment safety? Knowing when these companies leave communities for more profitable avenues, citizens are left with the void of despair, a bewildered labor force struggling with toxic waste.

Still profits are never better and the economy is flush with promise for winners of the investment class you represent.

Your assurances offering political power to donors placing Judges, Lawmakers and Presidents into office, guarantee inequitable representation to favor investors in governance. A Representational Government remaining little changed.

Please consider the paradigm you represent, empires originally crafted by our founder’s, who owned people, with law written to help monopolize wealth and power.

You protect privately and publicly owned empires with your politics.

Corporate leadership state these policies are progress, while bleeding viable capital, undermine liability through subcontract, acquire foreign labor, implement automation and artificial intelligence.

What are Americans to become, a herd continuing as grease in the machine? Peasants led to believe we’ve escaped the consequence of manufacture and distribution, forced to support monopolized profit of all human need?

Unethical policy maker's protect exploitation of resources, transfer wealth from citizens at every step of the supply chain. A sick cycle within a paradigm designed to fail with an exit, leaving communities with a promise, there is a future in greater consumption. This said, knowing society is destined to rot in the toxins unleashed by tipping points science models as extinction events. Your policies promote Americans to consume finite quantities of the world's resources, depleted a hundred times over annul sustainable levels. Having humanity fight over scraps as our flooded poisoned planet is set ablaze.

This endless stream of multinationals, gain representation though the paid mockery of judicial, legislation, and elected Presidents. Your governance is witnessed as a puppet show. Please stop playing the part as hired performer seen in a televised theater of governance debating fictional issues in a plot of misdirection veiling achievements in corporate mandate.

Somehow, if we could eradicate the investment of dark money that funds the mockery of representation, citizens could elect legislators that represent constituents, uphold public debate in truthful discourse and challenge the issues that plague our world today

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