Nina Turner's Chief Opponent Shontel Brown Running Ads Claiming Turner is a Trump Supporter

Less than three weeks from Ohio’s 11th congressional district special election, frontrunner Nina Turner is on the receiving end of an establishment onslaught funded by a major Democratic Party Super Pac who has resorted to airing falsehoods about Turner being against universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and now adding the whopper of a lie that Turner supported former President Trump.

Democratic Majority For Israel, a pro-Israel Super Pac who unleashed a blitz of ads against Bernie Sanders in Iowa right before the 2020 caucus, has spent nearly $500,000 on television ads against Turner in recent weeks, pushing up-is-down distortions of Turner, a longtime champion of Medicare For All, as being against universal healthcare. Turner, also a longtime supporter of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, is also against raising the minimum wage, the DMFI ad claims.

But DMFI’s latest ads jump the shark even further, painting Turner as a supporter of Trump.

“She’s a black history teacher,” a source close to Turner told Status Coup, blasting the absurd claim that the former Ohio state senator in any way supported Trump. “She went on CNN calling Trump the racist that he is.”