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I've been looking for a place to comment on Natalie Monarrez, the woman mentioned above. She's also been in the headlines for being the worker who is homeless while making $19 an hour in Staten Island. The claims are she works 12 hours days. Just doing the easy math, if she works 5 days a week and 12 hours a day that's 60 hours a week. With the 20 hours overtime at $28.50 she makes $1330 a week before taxes. Why can't she afford to pay rent on that? If she works 12 hours a day but only 3-4 days a week then why can't she get a second job on the other off days, like many other New Yorkers that don't make the big bucks. People need to stop complaining and making excuses for why they don't have certain things. She lives in Staten Island too not Manhattan lol.

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