They did not "wait to weigh in." Warnock came forward quickly to align himself with the Establishment. He sanctimoniously deplored the "violence" of the response of a population which has long since made clear their response to Surveillance Capitalism. It is always interesting to watch the "reasonable, calm" responses of those who reflexively jump back toward their overlords in every situation. Mr. Neville Chamberlain Revkin just wants "Peace in our time."

Ask the people of the Donbas who placed their hopes in the Minsk negotiations. Hitler, Bandera, Lance-Bottoms: you always get the same thing for negotiating with fascists.

Andrew Wilson

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Many questions need answers. But it's appropriate for the senators to wait to weigh in on the fatal shooting given the evidence that Teran owned a pistol, that pistol ended up at #copcity, and a bullet from that pistol wounded an officer. Teran's Linkedin page confirms he lived in Alpharetta Georgia, in 2020 - the year records show he bought the Smith & Wesson pistol under an address there. https://twitter.com/Revkin/status/1621226400572231682 There should be a careful independent investigation.

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