So when we talk about the EPA using inadequate air monitoring devices, is it the EPA per se or their contractor Tetra Tech Inc? This is key!

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Well no it isn't, when the EPA is making the decisions.

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OK as I was listening to somebody talk about the monitors they have in the air those monitors need to be put at the level humans are at and the level animals are at closer to the why they have them so high in the air is to dilute the measures Make them things back down on the ground in the level of people and somebody probably needs to educate

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Mar 30, 2023·edited Mar 30, 2023

Nobody is asking the right questions. WHY IS A TRAIN IN THE UNITED STATES CARRYING A WWI POISON? WHERE WAS THE TRAIN'S ULTIMATE DESTINATION? Was Phosgene being shipped to Ukraine? I know we are concerned about the citizens of EP, but you there is a giant hole in this story.

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John Fredrickson and Real America's Voice organized a 2 day event highlighting the plight of East Palestine which I have listened to attentively.







A suggestion was made by one of the residents to check out:

Facebook page

East Palestine Off the Rails


From there, I found your live YouTube interview of Jamie Wallace

Status Coup News


You did a nice job interviewing Jamie Wallace, an East Palestine resident. I heard a grieving woman explaining, among many, the stages of grief that this town is going through as they mourn the loss of the town they knew before the train derailment. She described the shock and disbelief, the anger, the bargaining and possibly coming to some form of acceptance. Unfortunately, it is never all one and done as the grieving process occurs over and over again, with each new issue.

One thing that came to mind is how we always hear of throngs of counselors coming in whenever there is a tragedy. Where are those problem solvers now to help this town navigate, to work through their disagreements, to help prevent "tearing the community apart?" Jamie seems to have made a start by organizing the "Unity Council." Would an outside moderator serve a purpose to help smooth some of the hard feelings that have occurred when things were

said that are "out of character." While this town is figuring out next steps, I hope they can heal emotionally and become a united front.

Other thoughts. What to do with the waste? I know the WIPP plant in New Mexico was built to store radioactive waste. Would it, or Yucca Mountain serve that purpose?


Also, no doubt these folks are being exposed to toxins. Rather than just waiting for something definite, it seems a pro-active approach is needed to find something to prevent the toxic effects, like anti-oxidants, a chelating agent, etc. I have sent this inquiry to RFK, Jr, Dr's Malone, Kory and McCullough and Steve Kirsch. Maybe some answers will come forth.

"The EPA notes that burning waste materials in the backyard can create levels of #dioxins higher than those from industrial incinerators. Backyard burning releases pollutants at ground level, where they are more likely to affect people and enter the food chain." Duh?

Just as doctors have banded together to prevent/treat Covid, Long Covid and the vaccine injured, there has to be something out there, selenium, Quercetin, immunity boosters like Zinc & Vitamin D, Hydroxychlorquine, Ivermectin, etc. to help treat those already exposed. In other words, why the focus only on testing, we already know that something is wrong; certainly there is a treatment, something that could help alleviate some of the damage. (Old study but a start.)

https://www.hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2014/671539/ 2014

"antioxidant supplements do appear to be effective in lowering an individual’s oxidative stress if his/her initial oxidative stress level is above normal or above his/her stably regulated level [262, 263]. Thus, antioxidant supplements may only provide a benefit to an organism if it was necessary to correct a high level of oxidative stress that could not be controlled by endogenous antioxidants."

I saw these babies w a terrible rash that just broke my heart.

https://rumble.com/v2fc0gk-babies-are-not-safe-east-palestine-babies-experiencing-rashes-since-train-d.htmlThe mother was not getting satisfactory answers from her doctor.

"Among humans, short-term exposure to high levels of TCDD can cause #CHLORACNE, a serious skin rash. Severity follows a typical dose-response relationship curve; there may be MULTISYSTEM impairment of the eyes, liver, endocrine, and nervous systems with high-level exposure. Chloracne is also known as MADISH (Metabolizing Acquired Dioxin Induced Skin Hamartomas).[4]"

"Recently, a small cohort of Japanese patients with dioxin-related sequelae for 30-40 years was treated orally with a cinnamaldehyde-containing #antioxidant called Keishibukuryogan. Treatment with this herbal medicine, which exhibits AHR–CYP1A1 inhibition and NRF2 activation, resulted in improvement in the patients' chloracne and associated systemic symptoms.[14]"

"Once chloracne is diagnosed, the primary action is to prevent further exposure to the chemical source!"


As you stated, testing was not specific for the byproducts, but we can assume, by empirical evidence that they are there.

"The incineration of dioxins generated as by-products in manufacturing processes is an effective method for controlling the release of the chemicals into the environment."


I think another thing to consider is looking to history. The #Love Canal, the site of a large toxic dumping area, was mentioned today.


A possible resource, "Peter Orris, MD, MPH, senior physician in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois Chicago Hospital and Health Sciences System, said he felt that the statements of assurance from the EPA and other officials were likely "generated more to calm the public and to avoid panic than to be accurate scientific evaluations."

"Many of the toxic chemicals involved in this incident move out of the human body fairly quickly, though some of byproducts of #burnt #vinylchloride may NOT, Orris said.

Dr. Orris maintains an active clinical and teaching practice, seeing patients with health concerns related to environmental exposures in the workplace and community; for independent medical evaluations; and as a medical review officer."


"Vinyl chloride, Orris said, is particularly toxic with respect to liver cancer, and can also cause serious health problems when burned because it creates #dioxins, a toxic chemical class that contaminates the herbicide Agent Orange. Exposure to dioxins can cause #cancer, #reproductive and #developmental problems, damage to the #immune system, and can interfere with #hormones, according to the EPA."



Possibly, looking to yesterday may provide some answers today for East Palestine.

"The East Palestine incident harkens back to a "2012" incident in which 20,000 gallons of vinyl chloride spilled in Paulsboro, New Jersey."


New Jersey


Montana train accident derailed a small town

April 1997




These are just my thoughts. I think I have spent more time on this these past 3 days than old Pete has in totality. 😉

The attention brought about by #RAV's coverage, #Abandoned, certainly opened my eyes to the struggle in East Palestine. Finding your information, was icing on the cake. Please share with the community if you think any of this will be helpful.

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Hi Louis. Please take a look at my post about chemicals.

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