Stolen elections have consequences..for all of us.

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Kristin is most likely suffering the effects of DIOXIN, one of the most deadly substances known -- ALWAYS generated when vinyl chloride is burned with hydrocarbons, as did Norfolk Southern's saboteurs to TONS of the stuff.

Kristin must go to the Health Ranger for advice or look up Dr Eric Coppolino, a Dioxin researcher. Dioxin KILLS.

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NF Rr will do all it can to make testing results in their favor

Deregulation/"self- regulation" have seriously weakened EPA The fact that the local fire dept allowed the burn off,...

Best thing to do is get out. Save documents proving property ownership/ residency/ school attendance etc and

maybe start a Civil suit with neighbors

from somewhere else where you wont continue to be exposed . Safe tap water and shouldnt give rashes nosebleeds inflammation etc. GET OUT OF THERE

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