East Palestine resident speaks OUT about what she experienced when testing was done in her home.
“Having this event is dangerous and risking the lives of innocent children,” East Palestine resident Candice DeSanzo tells Status Coup
LIVE 2PM ET Jordan Chariton and Louis DeAngelis is joined by East Palestine resident to share the latest developments
"I was very struck, and shocked, and a little bit horrified when it was mentioned that...ultimately the decision of what to do was made by Norfolk…
LIVE at 5PM ET: Tina-Desiree Berg and Ron Placone
Jordan Chariton on corporate media's predictable, yet scandalous, erasure of sick East Palestine residents and the surrounding areas: "Once they leave…
LIVE 5PM ET with Kim Brown
Louis DeAngelis Reports
Louis DeAngelis discusses how the media, Biden, Buttigieg have ignored East Palestine residents and they talk about Status Coup's ON-THE-GROUND…
5PM ET: Louis DeAngelis will be taking chat questions with a panel of EP residents. Later Zeynab Day will join with an Iraq War veteran to discuss the…
Louis DeAngelis from East Palestine Ohio
Louis DeAngelis ON-THE-GROUND talking DIRECTLY with the residents of East Palestine.